Solus gets better bluetooth support, project website has been revamped and other updates

Proving the constant commitment to provide a reliable operating system, Solus team has improved bluetooth support for Solus operating system. There were several reports regarding non-functioning of bluetooth A2DP audio in some systems. In order to address this, Solus team bouth one speaker and the bug was analyized in real time. The problem was identified as having root cause of a separate instance of pulseaudio started by GDM. This problem is hopefuly fixed by now.
Updated Solus Website
Another notable update from Solus project is redesigned website. The website addresses rendering issues on lower resolutions and chunky laptop vector design. Also, budgie related pictures has been removed from the website as budgie is established as a separate project.
We deployed the new website on Friday, listening to people’s feedback and addressing issues, such as some rendering bugs for lower-resolution displays and a chunky laptop vector design (we received a new vector design from a community member via our subreddit). Overall, the site has been well received and I look forward to applying the new, brighter aesthetic to various places on the site, such as the Blog, Help Center, and Press Center.

Ikey spent late Friday and the better part of Saturday moving our git repositories and patch management to Diffusion and Differential, applications within Phabricator, the development tracker we use.
For more updates from Solus project, see weekly news letter published in projects blog.

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