ROSA Fresh R9 is a good operating system with a few rough corners

Latest issue of Distrowatch weekly (22nd May 2017) features a review of ROSA Fresh R9, a recent release of Russian based GNU/Linux distribution which was initially started as a fork of Mandriva Linux. Over the years, this distribution has grown as a mature independent distribution.

The distrowatch review observes that ROSA is a success in providing modern applications on a stable and reliable platform. However the default configurations makes Plasma to under perform. This issue can be fixed though. Other than that, ROSA combines two configuration tools from Mandriva to single ones and provide an easy option to customize the system. In short, this distribution is very much reliable as a workstation operating system and it's look and feel can be appealing to new users.

ROSA is a desktop distribution that was originally forked from Mandriva Linux, but now is independently developed. While the company which produces ROSA is based in Russia, the distribution includes complete translations for multiple languages. The ROSA desktop distribution is designed to be easy to use and includes a range of popular applications and multimedia support. ROSA R9 is available in two editions, one featuring the KDE 4 desktop and the second featuring the KDE Plasma 5 desktop. These editions are scheduled to receive four years of support and security updates.
You may read complete review in Distrowatch weekly.

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