NethServer 6.9 released with CentOS 6.9 base

The NethServer project has announced public availability of NethServer 6.9, latest stable update of CentOS based, highly customizable and modular GNU/Linux distribution for small and medium scale enterprise web servers. This release of NethServer is based on CentOS 6.9, a community driven enterprise operating system based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

In addition to all updates and bug fixes from community enterprise base, NethServer 6.9 also brings some countable improvements and features in web module, the area in which it is specialized.
Being an incremental release in NethServer 6.x series, existing users can update their system using regular means of system update. The easiest way is to use software center page in web interface. After update, it is recommended to reboot the system in order to reflect all the changes in new release.

Some of the notable improvements in NethServer 6.9 can be listed as follows:
  • Based on CentOS 6.9
  • Included option to add traffic shaping and port forwarding for red VLANs, which was not possible in previous releases.
  • Backported some of the enhancement from 7.x series. The restore from old backups on 6.9 is added and NethServer 6.9 permits access to CGP graphs and lightsquid reports through the usual server-manager port (980).
  • Enabled NTLMv2 authentication within samba. Enabling NTLMv2 authentication allows Samba to work with Windows networks where NTLMv2 is the only enabled authentication protocol.
  • Avoid certificate generation on Let’s Encrypt renewal
  • Avoid certificate generation in certificate-update event
  • NethServer joined to AD fail Kerberos ticket renewal
  • Update to shorewall 5
  • Collectd 5: avoid rrd write problems on overloaded machines
  • Webtop: import contacts from Outlook 2016
  • ipsec tunnel: properly reject unencrypted traffic
For original release announcement on NethServer 6.9, see projects website.

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