Neptune Plasma 5 Edition gets another updated snapshot

The Neptune OS team has announced availability of another updated snapshot for project's rolling operating system featuring Plasma 5 desktop environment. The Neptune Plasma 5 20170512 comes with several updated packages and other improvements to provide a more reliable and stable Plasma desktop experience.

Being a rolling distribution, existing users of Neptune OS can make use of system update utility to get all updated packages and improvements. While, the updated snapshot is meant for fresh installs. Since this snapshot comes with recent updated packages, the bandwidth and time can be saved while updating the system after installation.

Some of the key highlights in updated Neptune OS snapshot can be listed as:
  • The Excalibur application menu has been updated and improved it to support scrolling through your favorites and showing more than 3 sysactions(?).
  • KDE Frameworks 5.33 is the base for this new release which includes several fixes and improvements.
  • KDE Applications has been updated to 17.04. This includes updates for applications like Dolphin, Konsole,  Ark, Kate and Kdenlive. 
  • Okular - pdf reader and Gwenview - image viewer is also included from KDE Applications.
  • The default login manager got changed from KDM to the newest version of SDDM including a Neptune like theming. 
  • The mailclient Icedove got replaced by Thunderbird 45.8.
  • Libc6 got an update to improve compatibility with newer software like VLC, mpv, X11, Mesa, E21 and more.
You can read the original announcement in Neptune OS blog.

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