Mageia 6 development reaches final stage, release candidate is available now

Mr Donald Steward, team member of Mageia project has announced availability of Mageia 6 RC for testing. It has been a while since release of previous development release, however Mageia team has given an indication that, rapid development activities are going and the Mageia 6 development is going through it's final stages.

After release of Mageia 6 sta 2, the team was working on various things which includes a mature Plasma desktop to replace KDE4, DNF and COPR stacks to support urpmi package manager, and also there has been dramatic changes in other desktop environments.
Since Mageia 6 sta 2, a lot of work has been done on the installer, especially regarding the support of proprietary drivers and VirtualBox support. More than 30 blocker bugs have been resolved over the 2½ months that the RC took to prepare. A big thank you to all the testers and developers involved in this process!

The QA team and the packagers spend a lot of time ironing out the upgrade process by reporting and fixing many package conflicts. Thanks to your feedback on those RC ISOs, we should hopefully be able to fix the last corner cases. Note: when upgrading with the classical installer ISOs, make sure to enable additional repositories to ensure that all your Mageia 5 packages can be upgraded.
For more details and download options, see original release announcement in Mageia blog.

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