deepin 15.4 - A good choice for beginners, but too simple to be productive

Deepin 15.4 is another milestone in the history of deepin operating system shipped from China. This release brings a redefined user experience to support it's cause for developing aesthetically appealing, safe and user friendly operating system. The brand new control center shipped with this release provides a better way for configuring and customizing operating system.

The Ordintechnic portal has published a review on deepin 15.4, a stable release of deepin operating system announced on mid-april 2017. The reviewer is very much attracted towards the look and feel of this release. He finds that, there was no much change on visual appearance of this distribution for last two years. However, it has improved aspects like performance, responsiveness, transparency and animations over the time. In contrary to the visual appearance of this release, the reviewer remarks, the user interface is too simple and is not something that support the productivity (at least his flow of work) like other desktop environments like KDE Plasma.
I've admired the beauty of Deepin since late 2014 when I tried the current release at that time. Although the animations and the organization and animations of the full-screen launcher and in other parts of the desktop have improved, my opinion of the distribution has not changed since then; I still find it very attractive but find the desktop environment and its default applications overly simple for my work style.

I do however find it is a very good distribution -- with some after installation attention to the lack of firewall configuration -- for new Linux users and those with the most basic and typical uses, thanks to
  • the very intuitive desktop interface that includes the dock an obvious way to launch applications and start the full-screen launcher and the settings panel
  • the good set of applications installed by default
  • the good software store that makes it easy for new users to find and install programs
See complete review in original article published in ordinatechnic website.

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