Cinnamon Desktop 3.4 released with numerous improvements

Few days after release of github tarball, Linux Mint team has officially announced release of Cinnamon 3.4, latest stable release of traditional looking, modern desktop environment developed by Linux Mint team. This release includes numerous improvements to provide a more usable and reliable desktop environment.

Cinnamon Desktop in Manjaro
Some of the notable highlights in Linux Mint 3.4 release includes support for a wider range of Wacom devices, introduction of separate processes to handle nemo - the file manager and desktop, improved theme engine ..etc. Other changes includes:
  • Support for mozjs38 (CJS 3.4 uses mozjs38, CJS 3.2 uses mozjs24, Cinnamon 3.4 is compatible with either CJS 3.4 or CJS 3.2)
  • Support for additional Wacom devices (in particular, devices with no erasers or with only one button)
  • Multi-process Settings Daemon (each plugin now runs in its own separate process)
  • Cleaner session EXIT phase (this phase used to timeout after 1 seconds, it is now immediate)
  • Desktop grid
  • Separate processes for Nemo and the desktop handling
  • Simpler date formats for last-modified column in list-view
  • Wildcard support in file searches
  • Desktop actions in panel launcher
  • Ala Firefox support for middle-click and Ctrl key in Nemo navigation buttons to open new tabs
  • Theming engine improvements for systray and margins
  • Additional configuration options for the screensaver
  • New list widget for spices settings
  • More information shown in spices about dialogs
  • Support for lightdm-settings and manage-systemd-units in System Settings
  • File manager (inode/directory MIME handler) selection in Favorite Applications
  • Better support for the configuration of mice acceleration and sensitivity
For more information, see original release announcement published in segfault - official blog of linux mint project.

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