Alpine Linux 3.6.0 released with support for 64 bit IBM z systems

The Alpine Linux team has announced release of Alpine Linux 3.6.0, latest release of security oriented, lightweight, GNU/Linux distribution built in integration with musl libc and busybox. This is the first release of Alpine Linux in 3.6.x series.
The major highlights of Alpine Linux 3.6.0 includes support for 64 bit IBM z systems and 64 bit little-endian power machines and other updated packages. Following are some other noteworthy updates in this release:
  • Rust 1.17.0 and Cargo 0.18.0
  • GHC 8.0.2
  • Julia 0.5.2
  • The llvm package has been changed to be provided by a versioned llvm<X> package, which is presently llvm4;
  • The -grsec kernel-related packages have been renamed to -hardened;
  • MD5 and SHA-1 hashes have been removed from APKBUILDs, being obsoleted by SHA-512;
  • set -e is now implied in APKBUILDs, automatically failing the build upon unhandled failing commands;
  • A check() function has been added to APKBUILDs that allows packages to run test suites after build(), ensuring no regressions have occurred. This has been implemented for a number of packages, and policy onward will be to have them either be present or explicitly opted-out of with good reasoning;
You may also read official release announcement in Alpine Linux website.

Download Alpine Linux 3.6.0
Standard edition : 64 BIT | 32 BIT

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