Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 released; First release as a member of Ubuntu family

The Ubuntu Budgie team has proudly announced release of Ubuntu Budgie 17.04, first stable release of Ubuntu Budgie as an official community flavor of Ubuntu. This release comes with some cool features, bug fixes and optimization to provide the best experience to all level of users.

Ubuntu Budgie - an Ubuntu based distribution featuring elegant Budgie Desktop developed by Ikey Doherty and other community contributors, as accepted an official member of Ubuntu family back in November 2016. This achievement was result of hard work and effort put by the team lead by David Muhammed and other community members. The project has closely followed the Ubuntu release structure and time lines beginning from Ubuntu 16.10 and was able to deliver Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 as first release as a member of Ubuntu family.

(Adopted from official release announcement)
One of the key highlight of Ubuntu Budgie is Budgie Welcome App, which provides a brief introduction of operating system to the users and provides single click options for various tasks like system update, driver installation, desktop restoration, switching look & feel and even installing popular browsers like Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Vivaldi, Firefox ..etc.

Budgie Welcome App also facilitate enabling of backport repository which will help the users to enjoy latest releases of Budgie Desktop and other budgie related packages maintained by Ubuntu Budgie team.

Ubuntu Budgie does a decent amount of customizations on top Budgie Desktop to make it more usable and appealing to the end users. In addition to the regular Budgie Desktop components, it also ships extra applets and even Plank docker to provide a visually appealing and productive desktop environment.

Some of the key highlights of Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 can be summarized as:
  • Budgie Desktop 10.2.9 - Latest release of budgie desktop till release of this distribution. Users with backport repository can update to Budgie Desktop 10.3 as soon as it is available.
  • Update Budgie Welcome App which comes with new feature like browser ballot, Numix theme switch, backport enablement ..etc.
  • Application indicator support
  • Sound control applet
  • Place applet to navigate to different locations
  • drag and drop reordering of icon task list applications
  • Plank now defaults to predefined set of applications
  • Qt apps are closely integrated with Gtk themes
  • Applications from GNOME 3.24 release
  • GNOME Terminal is replaced with Terminix
  • Chromium is used as default browser instead of Google Chrome
  • LibreOffice base is removed from ISO
For more information, see release announcement and release notes published in Ubuntu Budgie blog.

Download Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 ISO

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