Ubuntu 17.04 released with support for widest range of container capabilities

Indicating the future orientation of Ubuntu, Canonical has announced release of Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus with support for a widest range of container capabilities including Kuburnetes, Docker, LXD and Snaps. This release announcement is also applicable for other variations such as cloud and server platforms and official community flavors of Ubuntu, featuring different desktop environments.

Presently, Ubuntu is world's widely deployed GNU/Linux operating system and it is one of the leading platform for cloud and IoT technologies. In addition to this, Canonical was also working on convergence technology, ie, the idea of providing a unified interface across different platforms. Last week, Canonical Founder cum CEO declared their decision to stop investing on convergence as it is not well accepted and appreciated by the community and market. He also added that, the firm will be focusing more on cloud and IoT technologies where Ubuntu has already acquired a reasonable position. Ubuntu 17.04 is expected to be a first step indicating future direction of Canonical and it is released with support for the widest range of containers available so far.

Some of the notable highlights of Ubuntu 17.04 can be summarized as follows:
  • 32-bit powerpc support is dropped as there is no much users interested in this port
  • The default DNS resolver is now systemd-resolved
  • For fresh installations, swap file will be used instead of swap partition. This will ease the installation as we don't have to create a separate partition for swap.
  • Linux Kernel 4.10 with support for recent hardware innovations
  • Driverless printer support. A wide range of printers are supported without installing additional drivers.
  • LibreOffice has been updated to version 5.3
  • Unity 8 - the never completed convergence project - is available as an alternative desktop
  • gconf editor is not included by default as gsettings support is deprecated
For more information on Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus , see release notes and article in Ubuntu Insights.

Download Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus ISO

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