Ubuntu 17.04 is fairly solid, though does not offer anything significant

It has been almost two weeks since release of Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus. There has been multiple reviews on Ubuntu 17.04 within this short span of time. This was the first release of Ubuntu after announcing the decision to drop the idea of convergence and Unity 8 in favor of other demanding technologies.

Latest of issue of distrowatch weekly dated 24th April 2017, has published a review on Ubuntu 17.04. By exploring different features of this release, the reviewer reaches in a conclusion that, over the years, Ubuntu has become fairly solid. Most of the things works without any issue. Despite of decision to drop Unity, it has become mature and stable enough to act as a productive desktop. However, speaking on Ubuntu 17.04, it is supported for a relatively short period of time, exactly 9 months. Also, it does not offer nothing much significant over previous LTS release, Ubuntu 17.04.

For the most part, not much has changed on Ubuntu's Desktop edition in the past year. Unity 7 has more or less remained the same while work was progressing on the next version of the desktop, Unity 8. However, now that both desktops are being retired in favour of the GNOME desktop, running Ubuntu 17.04 feels a bit strange. This week I was running software that has probably reached the end of its life and this version of Ubuntu will only be supported for nine months. I could probably get the same desktop experience and most of the same hardware support running Ubuntu 16.04 and get security updates through to 2021 in the bargain. In short, I don't think Ubuntu 17.04 offers users anything significant over last year's 16.04 LTS release and it will be retired sooner.
You can read complete review in weekly news letter of distrowatch.

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