Lakka 2.0 stable released; A GNU/Linux distribution to transform compters to game console

The Lakka project has announced release of Lakka 2.0, latest stable release of lightweight GNU/Linux distribution capable for converting small computers to full blown gaming consoles. This release includes numerous updated packages and enhancements to deliver a more consistent experience to the end users.

Lakka 2.0 release is based on LibreELEC, which is an evolved version of OpenELEC. OpenELEC is a kind of container operating system which includes the essential configurations for running KODI media center. Previous version of Lakka was based on OpenELEC.

Courtesy : Lakka blog
There is not direct update path from previous stable release to current stable release. Regular users will have to install operating system from scratch. While the development team suggests advanced users to try updating theirs system by extracting updated tar packages manually. People who user Lakka 2.0 release candidate can make use of graphical update tools to enjoy stable release.

Some of the notable highlights of Lakka 2.0 can be summarized as:
  • Lakka 2.0 is now using RetroArch 1.5.0, which includes so many changes that is difficult to list in a single blog post. Some of the key highlights are
    • Simplified menu
    • Intuitive netplay: you create or join netplay rooms directly from the menu.
    • Ability to change the icon set on the fly
    • Revamped virtual keyboard
    • Korean language support
  • Lakka 2.0 is based on LibreELEC 8.0 stable release.
  • Almost all libretro cores are now enabled on every image
  • Important Vsync Bug fixed on Orange Pi
  • White background bug fix for WeTek
  • Resolution bug fix for WeTek
  • Fixed physical keyboard typing in the menu
For more information, screenshots and list of supported hardware devices, see release announcement published in projects blog.

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