First beta image released for Nitrux OS, a linux distribution focusing on portable apps

The Nitrux team has announced release of first beta candidate of Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution focusing on portable universal applications. This distribution will be using a custom made, flexible desktop environment named Nomad. Built with Plasma 5 and Qt framework, Nomad desktop is expected to be reliable and user friendly.

The main purpose of Nitrux OS is delivering a visually appealing GNU/Linux distribution with support for portable applications. The NX Software Center shipped with Nitrux OS permits searching, installation and management of snap applications. Snaps applications introduced by Canonical aim to work on any distribution or device.

Some of the major highlights of Nitrux OS can be briefed as follows:
  • Latest version of Plasma 5 (5.9.5).
  • Updated base to Artful from Zesty.
  • Latest version of Babe.
  • Fixed Systemback not installing Live system.
  • Added Anbox; run Android applications on your desktop. (note that this is very, very early pre-release software).
  • Updates to the Lüv icon theme and Status Panel.
  • Updated kernel to version 4.10.0-20.
  • Updated Nomad window decoration theme.
  • Updated VirtualBox Guest Additions to version 5.1.18.
For more information on this beta release, and Nitrux OS, see projects official website and brief release announcement shared in Google+.

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