deepin 15.4 released with fresh look and improved user interactions

The Chinese initiative Deepin Technology Community (DTC.) has announced release of deepin 15.4, latest stable release of Debian based, GNU/Linux distribution providing modern, usable and elegant user experience with it's own in house developed desktop environment called deepin.

deepin 15.4 is shipped with a brand new look and feel. The control center and desktop has been revamped to provide better experience to users. The control center has adopted new blur and transparent style. Also new interactions has been introduced for hot corner and window manager. This release also comes with a selected set of beautiful wallpapers.

Redesign Control Center in deepin ( Courtesy : deepin blog)
deepin 15.4 ships latest stable Linux kernel available till date which makes sure that, the operating system can handle recent changes in hardware components. This release also supports Traditional Chinese and Amharic languages.

Some of the notable improvements and highlights in 15.4 can be summarized as follows:
  • Update system installer with full screen support. It provides a fuzzy background, facilitate auto detection of location and time and also provide QR code scan feature for providing feedback.
  • Ships Linux Kernel 4.9.8 which has more drivers for modern hardware components. It provides better stability and reliability
  • Better font rendering which resolves popup hints.
  • Enables ability to set different backgrounds in each works
  • Provides better gesture support.
  • Optimized hot corner experience and better interaction design
  • A new collection of beautiful wallpapers.
For a complete list of changes, see release announcement in deepin blog.

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