Budgie Desktop 10.3.x released; Fixes long standing issues and introduces essential features

Mr Joshua Strobl, communication manager at Solus project, has announced release of Budgie Desktop 10.3.x (10.3.0 and a minor incremental release 10.3.1), latest stable update of independently developed desktop environment that is closely integrated integrated with GNOME stacks. This release fixes numerous outstanding issues and introduces essential features requested by the community.

budgie 10.3 comes with long awaited Alt + Tab window switching feature
Budgie 10.3 is expected to be the final release in 10.x series and will be rolling for a relatively longer period. Meanwhile, budgie development team lead by Ikey Doherty, will be working on budgie 11, next generation of budgie desktop. Budgie 11 will be completely rewritten from scratch and it will be making use of C++ and Qt to provide optimal performance and experience.

Some of the key improvements and highlights in budgie desktop 10.3 includes:
  • A new Alt + Tab window switching feature. This was a long awaited feature in budgie desktop and it was developed by offering a prize.
  • Budgie 10.3 provides more option for customization. You can customize clock applet. Also, raven - the control cum notification center - includes a new option to switch window controls to either left or right.
  • The long pending issue of animation flick with budgie menu has been fixed in this release.
  • budgie 10.3 includes integration with recent release of gnome stack, ie, gnome 3.22+
  • Art work download is supported with MprisClient and it addresses a bug which was more visible with Spotify.
  • Resolved the inability to pin GNOME Twitch via the Icon Tasklist
  • Resolved incorrect vertical alignment of the Clock Applet
  • Now ensure tray icons are evenly spaced, as a result of syncing our natray with upstream gnome-panel.
  • Improvements have been made to the Places applet
For further details and previews, see release announcement published in budgie desktop website.

Getting budgie desktop 10.3

If you are curious to get hands on budgie desktop 10.3, you can follow any of the following methods.

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