Budgie Desktop 10.3 development is in progress; Main focus is robustness

Within a short span of time, Budgie Desktop has gained significant amount attraction, mainly because of it's simplicity, elegance and productive nature. Budgie team is closely working to sustain and perish their user base. Towards this goal, budgie team is preparing another release with version number 10.3.

Budgie Desktop 10.3 is a maintenance release and will be mainly focusing on bug fixes and minor feature additions. The purpose of this release is to provide a more robust and reliable desktop for a while. This release is expected to live for a relatively long term.

Budgie Desktop in Ubuntu Budgie (Budgie Remix 16.10)
After release of Budgie Desktop 10.3, the development team lead by Ikey Doherty, is planning to work on next generation of Budgie Desktop, ie, v11. Budgie Desktop 11 will be a complete rewrite of existing desktop with Qt and C/C++ which will make it further reliable and efficient.

Even though Budgie 10.3 is going to be a maintenance release, it will have minor feature additions like ability to switch position of window control buttons (close, minimize, maximize and app menu) from raven, the configuration widget, and integration with GNOME 3.24 stack ..etc.

Other features/enhancement planned for this release are:
  • Fix the GNOME 3.22 regressions (stumpy rundialog, etc.)
  • Ensure others can build against Budgie tree
  • For the love of all that is holy, throw a working graphical alt+tab into the budgie-wm
  • Sync natray with gnome-panel changes
  • Cleanup natray implementation
  • Sync GVC
  • Sync translations
You may track progress of these tasks in an issue maintained in budgie desktop github repository.

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