Porteus KIOSK 4.3.0 released with Linux Kernel 4.9.14 and Google Chrome 55.0.x

Mr Tomasz Jokiel, leading developer at Porteus project has announced release of Porteusk 4.3.0, latest updated snapshot of lightweight GNU/Linux distribution specially designed for embedded systems. This release includes numerous updated packages and improvements to make the system more resistant to attacks and to make it more convenient for users.

Major updated packages shipped with Porteus KIOSK 4.3.0 includes Linux Kernel 4.9.14, Xorg Server 1.19.2, Mozilla Firefox 45.8.0 ESR, Adobe Flash and Google Chrome 55.0.2883.87. Even though the release features both google chrome and firefox, users can configure the system to boot into either of the browsers. Also, other packages has been updated as per 20170311 snapshot in userland repository.

Official release announcement for Porteus Kiosk 4.3.0 summarizes significant highlights in this release.
  • Configuration paramter 'client_id=automatic' will automatically asign client ID to the kiosk - no need for manual configuration per device. This parameter makes client installation easier and faster especially for large deployments.
  • Serial backend for the CUPS printing service has been enabled by default. Some usb printers still require it for direct usb connection.
  • If system installation fails then debug info will be displayed in order to help identifying the problem, e.g. I/O errors on target device.
  • OpenDNS is used as a secondary DNS server in the installation wizard for static IP configurations.
  • Added backup and restore utilities to Porteus Kiosk Server which allows to create and restore system snapshots.
  • Administration Panel of the server allows to hide offline clients or filter them by specific string: hostname, browser, kernel version, etc.
  • Client logs are displayed on the top of the monitoring window rather than bottom.
  • Archived (rotated) client logs can be viewed directly from the Administration Panel.
  • Other bugfixes and improvements.
For more information, you can see complete change log in projects website.

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