NetBSD 7.1 released with Raspberry Pi Zero support

The NetBSD project has announced release of NetBSD 7.1, first feature update in NetBSD 7.x series. This release includes fixes for critical bugs reported since release of version 7.0 and some minor features and enhancements.

NetBSD 7.1 comes with some exciting highlights like support for Raspberry Pi Zero, improved NVIDIA graphics card support, inclusion of vioscsi, a driver for the Google Compute Engine disk and other bug fixes.

In original release announcement, you can find a summary of notable highlights in this release:
  • Support for Raspberry Pi Zero. 
  • Initial DRM/KMS support for NVIDIA graphics cards via nouveau (Disabled by default. Uncomment nouveau and nouveaufb in your kernel config to test). 
  • The addition of vioscsi, a driver for the Google Compute Engine disk. 
  • Linux compatibility improvements, allowing, e.g., the use of Adobe Flash Player 24. wm(4): C2000 KX and 2.5G support. 
  • Wake On Lan support. 82575 and newer SERDES based systems now work. ODROID-C1 Ethernet now works. 
  • Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements. 
For more details, see release notes published by NetBSD project.

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