Manjaro MATE 17.0 released with MATE Desktop 1.18

A few days after release of official flavors and other community flavors, Manjaro community is back with release announcement of Manjaro MATE 17.0, latest stable snapshot of Manjaro featuring MATE Desktop. Though the original installation images were made available a few days ago, release announcement was delayed a bit.

One of the major highlight of Manjaro MATE 17.0 Gellivara is MATE Desktop 1.18, latest stable release of traditional, well established desktop environment. MATE Desktop 1.18 marks completion of Gtk3 migration of project and all packages in this release is making use of Gtk3 framework which makes it competing with other modern desktop environments.

Courtesy : Manjaro Blog
Other highlights in Manjaro MATE 17.0 includes recent release of Brisk Menu - a modern application menu developed by Solus project in collaboration with Ubuntu MATE, customized Arch Maia theme - theme used by most of the Manjaro flavors, Slate Notifier theme which was initially developed for Budgie Desktop and latest version of Calamares installer.
Manjaro Mate comes with customized Arc Maia theme and uses the new Slate notifier theme, originally developed for the Budgie desktop. This edition now also offers a new feature of graphical installer Calamares that allows you to select some additional packages during installation. All the other well known Manjaro goodies are of course included to make your start and life easy with Manjarolinux.
For further information, see release announcement and forum discussions on Manjaro 17.0 MATE release.

Download Manjaro 17.0 MATE Edition
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