Manjaro 17.0 Gellivara Plasma & Xfce flavors released

Mr Philip Muler, leader and developer at Manjaro project has announced release of Manjaro 17.0, latest stable snapshot of Arch based, rolling GNU/Linux distribution that comes with usability improvements such as user friendly installer, intelligent driver installation, pre-packed desktop environment & multimedia codecs ..etc. This release announcement is applicable for both Xfce and Plasma flavors of Manjaro which are supported by Manjaro team.

Manjaro 17.0 Gellivara KDE flavor ( Courtesy : Manjaro blog)
Manjaro 17.0 which referred by the code name Gellivara is a result of 3 months of development, testing and quality assurance effort by Manjaro team and other associated community members.

One of the key highlight of this release is improved Manjaro Settings Manager (aka. MSM), which comes with option to easily install & remove different versions of Linux Kernel to support a wide range of devices. When manjaro 17.0 is getting released, there are nine different kernel images available in repositories which ranges from extremely stable versions to most recent release which is 4.10. In addition to these, Manjaro also provides two real time kernels. Probably, Manjaro may be the only distribution that maintains this much number of kernels simultaneously.

Some of the common features of Xfce & Plasma flavors of Manjaro 17.0 can be summarized as:
  • We updated the stock kernel to linux49 4.9 LTS
  • We updated the Xorg-Stack to v1.19 series
  • We released Pamac v4.3.0 with native AUR-Support
  • We enhanced and improved our Manjaro Tools & Profiles
  • MHWD we adopted a more efficient way to handle libglx binaries
  • Some of our themes got updated and new got designed
For more information, see separate release announcement for Xfce & Plasma flavors of Manjaro.

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