Mageia 6 development is in progress; GNOME 3.24 update is under testing

In another weekly news letter, Mageia team has stated that, Mageia 6 development is in progress and GNOME 3.24, recent stable release of GNOME desktop is also included in current testing branch.

Mageia team is planning to publish a release candidate for Mageia 6 soon. Hence the rate of inclusion of new packages and features is settling down and the team is focusing on bug fixes to make sure that all packaged software are in best state for release. While the team has included GNOME 3.24 in updates testing branch and is undergoing active regression testing. If everything works as planned, then it will be included in stable release.

Another update was migration to ICU 58.2 which is required for packaging of Firefox 52 ESR.  There were some issues while building mozilla packages against updated ICU 58.2 and eventually it was fixed by adding Mozilla patches to ICU 58.2.

Other packages updates includes LibreOffice 5.3.2 RC1, which will be updated to final before release Mageia 6, libinput, samba 4.5.7, dnf 2.1.1 mesa 17.0.2 and flash player plugin ..etc

The current stable release of Mageia, ie, Mageia 5 has also got some important package updates including Flash, Kernel 4.4.55, qbittorrent 3.3.11, Firefox/Thunderbird 45.8.0 ..etc.
Another week has passed and there have been many changes with Cauldron as well as continued testing on RC ISOs for Mageia 6. Mageia 5 has also received some important updates.

As we are hoping to release the release candidate for Mageia 6 soon, the focus on development in Cauldron is switching more and more away from new releases and features to focus on bug fixes and getting the packaged software into the best state for release. That being said, there was a major update to Gnome 3.24. This is currently in updates_testing to check was major issues and regressions before being pushing to release if everything is ok.

For a more detailed list of updates and other activities, see Mageia weekly news letter dated 24th March 2017.

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