Linux Mint KDE flavor is beautiful and easy to use : Review

Linux Mint project a well known Ubuntu based, non-canonical project that attracts people because of it's modern yet familiar desktop design metaphor. The project officially ships MATE and Cinnamon flavors. In addition to that, there are community contributors associated with Linux Mint which delivers this distribution in Xfce & KDE flavors.

The Linux and Ubuntu portal has published a review by exploring Linux Mint KDE flavor. This review observes, Linux Mint KDE flavor is simply beautiful and it is relatively easy to use. This review goes through different aspects of operating system including Applications used, desktop organization, security updates and bug fixes, easy of use and installation ..etc.
Unlike Windows, You have everything ready in mint. As you can see below, this is called welcome screen. It has 8 icons. The first one shows you the new features.
The second is Documentation which you should read over once if you are new to computer or Linux world.

​Then we have app which is like play store in android. It is a package management software or at least its front-end. We can install apps from it easily.
If any of your hardware needs proprietary drivers, then you should use them. It will increase performance. But mostly you won't need it unless your hardware is too recent. 
For complete review, checkout original post in Linux and Ubuntu portal.

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