Elive 2.8.6 beta released with improved stability and design

The Elive Linux team has announced availability of Elive 2.8.6 beta, new development release for Debian based live GNU/Linux distribution offering delighted Enlightenment experience. This release comes with improved performance, bug fixes and redesigned look and feel.

Credit : Elive Linux
Some of the key highlights of eLive 2.8.6 are mentioned in their official release announcement.
  • Performance Improvement : A fair amount of effort is spent on performance improvement of this release and it has improved the performance almost double.
  • Updated Design : Elive 2.8.6 comes with a redesigned menu, redesigned animated wallpaper, bigger shadows for 3d effect when they are on focus, readability of text on dock has been improved and it comes with smoother  effects 
  • Improved stability and configurations to have good eye-candy in combination with speed and useful features, a very old and important bug was finally fixed making it a stable environment for daily work
  • Audio cards configuration fixed
  • Integrated gadget in the desktop to have a more handy access and use of your inserted media’s like an USB or CDROM
  • Improved boot menu with more user-friendly and understandable options
You can find official release announcement in Elive Linux news page.

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