Deepin Screen Recorder released, a new member in deepin software suite

Deepin project has announced arrival of a new member in deepin software family - deepin screen recorder. This will added up to the existing deepin packages like deepin software, deepin music, deepin video ..etc.

Deepin Screen Record is a small and simple screen recording utility developed by deepin team for capturing your screen and save them in either GIF for MP4 format. You can either choose to select a particular window to record and manually select the area to capture. The only thing that you are expected to do is starting and stopping the recording process. Once you stop the process, recorded file will be saved to desktop.

Courtesy : deepin blog
Some of the key highlights of Deepin Software Recorder are:
  • Easy audio & screen capture : You can easily capture your screen and audio using screen recorder. You can either prefer to choose the whole screen or some part of screen.
  • Save video in two formats : Recored video can be saved either in mp4 or in GIF format. Both of them will optimized for performance and quality.
  • Count down for recording : After pressing the record start button, there will be a count down starting from three. While this count changes, you can make your screen ready for recording
  • Recording notification : There will be one notification blinking on tray for every 800ms to show that recording is in progress. You can stop recording either by clicking on this icon or using shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + R)
For more information & screenshot illustrations, see original announcement published in deepin blog.

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11 July 2017 at 02:44 delete

Its not recording audio when i record the screen and i checked in the audio settings the microphone is getting detected

11 September 2018 at 03:31 delete

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