deepin 15.4 beta released with redesigned control center

China based Wuhan Deepin Technology Co. Ltd has announced release of deepin 15.4 beta, latest development release of Debian based, elegant & user friendly GNU/Linux distribution featuring a custom developed desktop environment called deepin desktop.

deepin 15.4 beta includes several package updates including latest stable release of Linux Kernel (4.9.8) which has improved stability and hardware compatibility. It can support 6th and 7th generation processors brought by Intel. This release also fixes bugs reported in alpha release and offers a more stable system.

Revamped deepin installer (Courtesy : deepin blog)
Also the deepin Control Center has been redesigned and rewritten to make it more accessible and usable to the end users. This redesigned Control Center includes a customizable weather applet and easy configuration options. In summary, the control center has been modified as per modern interaction design concepts.

Another highlight of deepin 15.4 beta release is improved system installer (deepin installer 2.0). It has smart techniques to identify the hardware resources and to install desired packages. It also includes numerous tips and ability to provide feedback using QR code provided on it.

Besides the changes described above, deepin comes with several minor improvements and bug fixes which can be summarized as follows:
  • Added multi-touch support(4 fingers, 5 fingers for part of the devices) for touchpad;
  • Added quick access bar at the bottom of the homepage of the control center;
  • Added function for recording/setting Numlock status;
  • Added navigation module for Control Center;
  • Added blur effects for opened windows effects;
  • Added proxy settings for Control Center;
  • Unified the interface of message management, dialog and notification box for Control Center;
  • Optimized TTY mode and set the default language as English;
  • Optimized the scrolling effects for Control Center;
  • Optimized window manager V2.0 to make the animation more accurate and smooth;
  • Upgrade Deepin Boot Maker to latest version;
  • Upgrade QQ to latest version;
  • Update the icon style for OSD;
  • Fixed the issue that the weather always shows “Wuhan”;
  • Fixed the issue that it does not try to get the latest weather automatically;
  • Fixed memory leak issues;
  • Fixed the bug that genymotion cannot load virtual machine;
  • Fixed the bug that failed to connect to Wi-Fi network in dock;
  • Fixed problems in alpha test and user reported problems;
For more information, you can checkout release announcement published in deepin blog.

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