Chakra Linux 2017.03 Goedel released with refreshing look & feel

The Chakra Linux team has announced release of Chakra Linux 2017.03, latest stable snapshot of semi-rolling GNU/Linux distribution that comes with stable core and rolling packages. This release is named as Goedel, after Kurt Goedel, an Austrian born American logician, philosopher and mathematician.

CREDIT : Chakra Project
Chakra 2017.03 is coming with two notable changes and other updated packages. Following are notable changes in Chakra 2017.03.
  • Calamares - a system independent installation framework - has been updated to version which supports installation in brtfs and LUKS encrypted partitions. It also includes improved partition system and several bug fixes.
  • The Heritage theme - A plasma theme developed by Chakra - has got several refinements which makes it more refreshing. Chakra Linux has announced this refinement in a separate blog post.
This release also includes updated packages from Chakra repositories which includes Linux Kernel 4.8.6 and Plasma 5.9.2. Existing Chakra users can perform regular system update to get all improvements as per latest snapshot.

For more details, see release announcement published in Chakra website.

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