Zenwalk 22.02.2017 rolling snapshot is available now

The Zenwalk team has announced availability of Zenwalk 22.02.2017, latest stable snapshot of Slackware based desktop operating system offering lightweight, small and modern desktop experience.

Some of the notable highlights of this release includes Firefox web browser which was held back earlier. It is built against multi-threading enabled GTK3 library and it is quick and responsive as Chromium even with multiple tabs open simultaneously. It has also much improved memory foot print. Other highlights includes ffmpgg, and MPV which is set as default media player in Zenwalk. Gstreamer plugin is removed from installation image, however it can be installed from projects repositories.

Current seems stable enough for a rolling ISO release, so here it is. The main change is the comeback of Firefox, built with GTK3 and multithreading enabled by default : This build of Firefox starts and react nearly as fast as Chromium, and with many tabs opened : scales much better in terms of responsiveness and memory footprint. You will also notice some improvements around ffmpeg, and MPV which is from now the main media player in Zenwalk. Gstreamer has been dropped from ISO but is still available from Slackware repositories. Of course this ISO contains many updated packages
You may also find official release announcement and complete list of updated packages in projects blog.

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