Solus 2017.01.01.0 is an impressive new comer

The Solus operating system developed by Solus project, founded and leaded by Ikey Doherty has received a lot of attention within a significantly short span of time. Unlike many popular distributions, Solus does not derive from any other main stream project. Instead it is an independently developed GNU/Linux distribution. Solus project offers a lightweight, simple yet productive desktop experience with it's flagship desktop budgie and mate desktop. Initially Solus was started with a regular release policy, later it was turned into a rolling distribution.

Latest issue of distrowatch weekly(06 February 2017) features a review on Solus 2017.01.01.0, latest stable snapshot of Solus operating system. As different from usual reviews in distrowatch weekly, this review examines different aspects of operating system and the comments are written with serial order. The reviewer goes through technical overview of operating system, budgie desktop, pre-installed applications, package management system, installation, resource utilization, theming, and also briefly reviews Solus mate edition which features a brisk menu developed by Solus project. Finally, it has been concluded that, Solus is a good choice for people who are bored with their existing operating system. It is clean, stable, fast and good looking. Although, presently this distributions lacks some popular packages which will be addressed by developers if there is adequate demand from users.
Installed on an old, dual core Intel Pentium with 4GB of RAM, Solus 2017.01.01.0 runs quite well, without lags or crash issues. If you are starting to feel bored with your current distro, Solus 2017.01.01.0 is an impressive alternative you can try. It's fresh, fast, good looking, and easy to use. The lack of some of the most popular Linux apps like the Chromium browser is an issue and I hope Solus developers will put it in Solus's official repository in the future releases. Overall, I could simply say Solus 2017.01.01.0 is impressive. It could be, in the future, a fair rival to the good looking elementary OS.
You may read complete review in distrowatch weekly.

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