Rebellin Linux v3.5 released with Whatsapp client

The Rebellin Linux team has announced release of Rebellin Linux v3.5, latest stable release of Debian sid based GNU/Linux distribution with a fair amount customization to deliver a delighted users experience to end users. This release comes with several updated packages and a refined look and feel.

One of the key highlight of this release is Whatsapp client which is not too much fancy but it just works. This client application developed by Rebellin Linux team can also be used with other GNU/Linux distributions.

Credit : Rebellin Linux MATE
Other highlights of this release can be summarized as;
  • Gnome Shell upgraded to v3.22.2 (New updates are available after download)
  • Mate Version upgraded to v1.16.1 (New updates are available after download)
  • Kernel upgraded to v4.8 Liquorix (New updates are available after download)
  • Brand new Material Design theme now completes the look!
  • Plenty of package and driver updates
  • MTP Support Added
  • Rebellin now works perfectly with AMD APUs. Tested on a tiny AMD A4-1200 (Temash, 1Ghz) processor and Rebellin just ploughs through!
  • Rebellin now uses Liquorix Kernel version 4.8. It’s more reliable than the kernel that was available from official Debian Repositories. And did I say it’s fast? It’s wonderful! Also, do upgrade your system after download to get the latest version of Liquorix.
  • VLC has been replaced by Totem.
For more information see Rebellin Linux blog.

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