Linux Lite 3.4 Beta released based on Ubuntu 16.04.2

The Linux Lite team has announced availability of Linux Lite 3.4 beta, latest development release of Ubuntu based, lightweight, efficient yet full featured operating system coming with a well tweaked Xfce desktop environment.

Currently announced beta release of Linux Lite is based on Ubuntu 16.04.2 latest minor snapshot in Ubuntu 16.04.x LTS series and so this release includes all updated packages from the ancestor. However, Linux Lite 3.4 does not ship Linux Kernel 4.8 by default as it may question the ability of distribution to support older computers. Later, users with modern hardware may switch to custom kernel offered by Linux Lite project.

Some of the key highlights of Linux Lite 3.4 beta release can be summarized as follows:
  • Introduces a new application named Lite Update Notify which will check for updates in the background and notify user when update(s) are available. This can be configured to change the frequency at which updates are checked and to set whether to perform update without user intervention or not.
  • Linux Lite 3.4 is based on Ubuntu 16.04.2 and hence brings all updated packages except Linux Kernel HWE 4.8
  • Updated Lite Welcome application to perform 3 post installation tasks which are update system, install drivers and set a restore point.
  • Enabled window snapping featured - Windows in Linux Lite can be dragged to enable window snapping. This is familiar feature for GNOME shell users.
  • Better support for Joystick which will trigger better gaming experience.
  • Other updated packages like Firefox 51.0.1, Thunderbird 45.7.0, LibreOffice, VLC - 2.2.2, Gimp 2.8.20, Base: 16.04.2 ..etc
For more details, download links and discussions, see release announcement published in Linux Lite forums.

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