LFS and BLFS 8.0 released with major updates

The LFS team has announced release of LFS (Linux From Scratch ) and BLFS (Beyond Linux From Scratch) version 8.0 which includes major updated packages, bug fixes and improved guide lines to follow while building your own GNU/Linux distribution.
Some of the significant changes in LFS 8.0 includes 29 updated packages usch as glibc-2.24, binutils-2.27 and gcc-6.2.0. Also some bug fixes has been done on bootscripts and the LFS book has been modified to make it more clear and transparent.

While BLFS 8.0 includes around 800 more packages comparing to previous release, ie, 7.10. This release also includes 775 updated packages and improved documentation with better formatting.

What is LFS & BLFS?
LFS (acronym for Linux From Scratch) is a set of tools, packages and guide lines to build your own custom GNU/Linux distribution from scratch.

BLFS (acronym for Beyond LFS) shows you the way to travel after installing your own GNU/Linux distribution as per the guidelines provided in LFS book. It includes additional packages and tools to make life much easier.

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