Fedora 25 is not something worth to recommend : review

It has been a few months since release of Fedora 25. It was the first Fedora release to feature wayland as default window manager. Also it comes with latest stable release of GNOME, ie, GNOME 3.22.

Mr Gary Nevel, author at Everyday Linux User portal has revisited Fedora after two years. Despite of his love Fedora, he has reached in a conclusion that, it is not a distribution that can be recommended to others. He also remarks that Fedora 23 was a cool distribution. The major drawbacks of Fedora 25 listed in review includes, lack of support for multimedia files even after installing codecs, unavailability of popular proprietary packages such as steam and google chrome in GNOME Software - graphical front end for software installation. He also criticizes that, there many crashes and error notifications which is a serious question over usability of distribution.

I have always loved Fedora but I love music more and the amount of hassle and the amount of hoops I have had to jump through to try and get it working this time is just not worth the effort. The Google Chrome thing is also an issue for me. It works fine in openSUSE so why is it not working in Fedora?
Wayland seems to be performing well enough and I haven't experienced any problems that seem to be related to the graphical side of things.
Unfortunately I have witnessed far too many errors, notifications, application crashes and general pointless pain to be able to recommend Fedora 25. Fedora 23 worked great, 25 doesn't.
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