Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 beta is availale for testing

The Red Hat (R) release engineering team has announced availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.9 beta, latest development release in RHEL 6.x series. Over the six years of enterprise journey, RHEL 6 has acquired its space for providing a more secure, stable and reliable foundation for enterprise needs.

Though the main focus of RHEL 6.9 is to improve stability and security features for critical platform deployments, it also brings new features like support for next generation of cloud-native applications. The RHEL 6.9 beta base image enables enterprise customers to migrate existing RHEL 6 workloads to container based applications which are suitable for deployment on other enterprise platforms like RHEL 6, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host and Openshift Container.

In addition, as Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions are not tied toa particular release, existing customers may also elect to updatetheir Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 infrastructure to Red Hat EnterpriseLinux 7 at any time, free of charge, to take advantage of recentupstream innovations.  Red Hat simplifies the upgrade to Red HatEnterprise Linux 7, through the Preupgrade Assistant and Red HatUpdate Tool.RED HAT ENTERPRISE LINUX 6.9 BETA AVAILABILITYRed Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 beta is now available in the Red HatCustomer Portal to all customers with an active Red Hat EnterpriseLinux subscription. To access and download Red Hat Enterprise Linux
For more details, see release announcement circulated through RHEL announcement mailing list.

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