Solus project is introducing a brisk menu in collaboration with Ubuntu MATE

The Solus project has announced their plan to introduce a brisk menu in collaboration with Ubuntu MATE. This brisk menu will be introduced as part of Solus MATE edition, a new family member of Solus project featuring MATE desktop. Soon after, this menu will be ported to upcoming Budgie Desktop 11.0.

The goal of brisk menu, which is currently being developed for MATE desktop, is to provide a slight traditional, yet fast and usable application menu. This brisk menu is inspired by Budgie Menu. Though it will be slightly fast and lightweight as it is getting developed in pure C.

The plan to introduce brisk menu was announced in solus projects this week in solus news letter. Also Mr Martin Wimpress of Ubuntu MATE project has also shared the plan for collaboration through his Google+ post.

A developer preview of brisk menu under budgie desktop.
CREDIT : Solus Project
“Ubuntu MATE have been looking to replace MATE Menu (forked from mintMenu) for sometime. It is clear the Brisk Menu, despite being in the very early stages of development, is the project that can achieve that given the quality of work coming out of the Solus project.“ - Said Martin Wimpress in his Google + post.
Meet Brisk! This is a new menu we’re developing for the MATE desktop, to provide a slightly traditional, but very fast and usable menu system. It started out inspired by the Budgie Menu but has drifted towards honouring Cardapio. And with it being written in C, it’s lightning quick.

Brisk Menu will be featured in the ISO snapshot for our Solus MATE Edition and the work done on Brisk Menu will be ported back to Budgie 11.

Additionally, we’re proud to announce that the Ubuntu MATE project has expressed enthusiasm about Brisk Menu and is helping to fund development of it, so all MATE desktop users can benefit from a fast, modern menu implementation. The Ubuntu MATE project will be integrating Brisk Menu as soon as it can replace the core functionality of MATE Menu, and will see that Brisk Menu is packaged for Debian and made available in the Debian and Ubuntu archives.
For more information and other updates from solus project see This Week in Solus 40.

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