SalentOS 1.0 is a good performing system though with some rough edges : Review

SalentOS is a Debian based, lightweight GNU/Linux distribution featuring OpenBox window manager. The ultimate objective of SalentOS is to provide a simple yet complete desktop operating system that is easy to use and customize.

Latest issue of distrowatch weekly(12th December 2016) has published a review of SalentOS 1.0 as cover story. The review summarizes that, SalentOS is stable, lightweight and a high performing system built on top of solid Debian base. Though many of the repositories are not enabled by default, possibly to avoid licensing complications, all those repositories can be enabled to access wide range of software packages. In the review, some rough edges are also pointed out such as appearing of welcome window on each login, problem of forgetting some customization, also positioning of panel on left hand side.

What I liked about SalentOS was what I tend to like about most Debian-based projects. The distribution is stable and light, offering fast performance on a solid base. While not many repositories are enabled by default, perhaps to make SalentOS a more liberally licensed project, we can enable additional Debian repositories to gain access to a huge collection of software.

For the most part, I liked the applications SalentOS provided, though I did miss having a dedicated music player. Otherwise I liked the default applications and it was straight forward enough to add more with the Synaptic package manager.

SalentOS did not sit right with me in a few ways. One was the way the welcome window kept reappearing whenever I logged in and Openbox forgot some of my settings each time I logged out. I also didn't like that some of the control panel modules failed to launch. I usually like to have my desktop panel over on the left side of the screen and SalentOS's panel does not handle this positioning gracefully.
You can read complete review in distrowatch weekly.

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