Porteus v3.2.2 Final released with Porteus Kiosk 4.2

Mr broken man of Porteus community has informed release of Porteus v3.2.2 Final and Porteus Kiosk 4.2, latest stable releases of Slackware based general purpose and special purpose GNU/Linux distributions respectively.

Porteus 3.3.2 desktop edition is coming with option to choose from 4 different desktop environments. These desktop environments includes Xfce4, MATE, Cinnamon and KDE5. While users preferring a lightweight, minimal edition of Porteus can make use of Kiosk edition which is mainly meant for embedded systems.

There has been multiple changes in Porteus Desktop edition since release of version 3.1. These changes can be summarized as:
  • Linux Kernel 4.9
  • Updated pulseaudio package.
  • eudev
  • consolekit2
  • more complete 000-kernel firmware
  • Other updates inherited from upstream project(Slackware).
For more details, see release announcement published in Porteus community website.

Download Porteus v3.2.2

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