OpenMandriva Lx 3.0.1 released with better stability and performance improvements

Few months after release of OpenMandriva Lx 3.0, OpenMandriva community has announced release of OpenMandvia Lx 3.0.1 as their holiday gift. This release includes further stability and performance improvements and other updated packages.

Current release of OpenMandriva fixes some critical bugs reported in previous release and significant highlights of this release includes:
  • Updated software packages.
  • New kernel which provides improved hardware support.
  • Critical bug fixes.
  • Plasma running on wayland.
  • Latest version of all KDE Apps.
Users already took advantage of one of our latest innovations: the F2FS support, a filesystem designed for Solid State Disks which gives great performance over other filesystems. In this release there is support for it. For those wishing to use a lightweight desktop environment. we also provide LXQt, which brings with it Qupzilla a new and very fast browser based on the QtWebEngine, and PCManFM, a lightweight file manager.
For more details, see release announcement in OpenMandriva website.

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