FreeDOS 1.2 released; It is what MS DOS would be if it was alive

Mr Jim Hall, founder and coordinator of the FreeDOS project has announced release of FreeDOS 1.2, latest stable release of Free and open source remake of Microsoft DOS which was discontinued before two decades.

The idea of a DOS like operating system was evolved on 1994 and the concept of FreeDOS was put forward by Jim Hall, who was yet to complete his graduation. This idea was originated owing to the decision of microsoft to orphan DOS and introduce windows. A lot of experienced, professional found windows less user friendly and they wanted to stay with something like DOS. To fulfill this purpose, Jim Hall and other developers coordinated together. After several development releases, first stable release of FreeDOS was announced 2006.

Unlike other modern operating systems, FreeDOS does not offer regular updates or frequent release as it is not meant to be a complete modern operating system. Though it has released two more releases after FreeDOS 1.0. The second release FreeDOS 1.1 was announced on 2012 and now FreeDOS 1.2 is announced now.

FreeDOS 1.2 is what Microsoft DOS expected to be today if it was not discontinued.When FreeDOS 1.0 and 1.1 releases just shipped with some basic tools, FreeDOS 1.2 is shipping a plenty of  additional packages including games.

The FreeDOS 1.2 comes in two flavors, a lite and full installers. Lite installer is 30MB in size and Full installer is of 415 MB. Both these installers support USB installation mode and can be written into an USB drive for installation.

Download FreeDOS 1.2

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