Fedora docker layered image build service is announced

Marking another milestone in the history of Fedora project, Mr Adam Miller has announced availability of Fedora docker layered image build service for the community contributing to Fedora project. This new service will facilitate building of trustworthy and consistent application images for Fedora Atomic, CentOS Atomic and other related platforms.
With this announcement we are opening availability of the Docker Layered Image Build Service for the Docker Layered Images that the Fedora Cloud SIG has been the primary maintainers of on GitHub into DistGit as official components of Fedora. From there we will be extending an invitation to all Fedora Contributors to maintain Docker Layered Image Containers for official release by the Fedora Project. Currently this effort is to enable the Fedora Cloud/Atomic WG goals which target Fedora Atomic Host as a primary deliverable to power the future of Cloud. This is also to enable the Fedora Modularity work be delivered as Containers in the future as Fedora becomes fundamentally more modular in nature.
For more details, see official announcement published in project atomic blog.

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