Fedora 25 is not perfect; But is good enough - Review

In terms of new features, Fedora 25 is a boring release. It does not have much new features to boast about except updated packages, migration to Wayland and a new media writer - Says a review featured in weekly news letter of distrowatch portal.

The review also remarks that Fedora 25 has plenty of software packages which can be installed easily using well polished GNOME Software. Most of the main highlights of this release are associated with version numbers such as GNOME 3.22, Firefox 49(50 is available), LibreOffice 5.2 ..etc. Considering different aspects, Fedora 25 is not a perfect distribution. You may also come across with some minor issues associated with Wayland. However, it can be considered mature enough to use as a day to day operating system. The basic installation can be used for normal activities like web browsing, document processing, email writing..etc. With the help of additional software packages you can turn your installation ideal to serve most of the users needs.

As someone who started their Linux experience with a Red Hat Linux retail box set and switched to Fedora after Red Hat transitioned to Red Hat Enterprise Linux as their commercial product, I have been using Fedora for a long, long time. The cumulative changes since the first Fedora release have been considerable, but the list of changes for Fedora 25 is really quite short. Basically, the key points in the change log are newer versions of all the packages, Wayland by default, and Fedora Media Writer as the method for creating installation media. Below, I focus on each of those new features as I detail my first week using the latest release of Fedora. 
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