Fedora 25 is mature enough, but sacrifices speed and stability

Fedora 25 is an interesting distribution that is more mature and ready to be used in production systems. Though it has reduced performance and stability issues corresponding to it's predecessor, Fedora 25 - Observes a review of Fedora 25 published in dedoimedo portal.

On positive side, Fedora 25 is reasonably elegant and functional and it will let you to play any videos and musics if sufficient plugins are installed using 3rd party repositories. While you will have to spend some time to make the system usable in day to day life. And also package management eats significant amount of system resources which may be caused by newly introduced Wayland. The review continues.

All right. Brace yourselves. It's Fedora time. Throughout 2016, a gloomy year for the likes of us, Linux users, Fedora has been a friendly companion. It made me like and use Gnome again, plus it offered a pleasant, vibrant, practical desktop experience that nicely filled the gap left by Ubuntu. Almost like a dental crown.

We also learned how to pimp it, and I have a whole bunch of surprises laid out ahead of us, including yet more elegant tweaking and taming, reviews on other hardware, some revolutionary usability tricks, and still more. But all that will happen in the future. Now, we should focus on Fedora 25, and see how it stacks against its predecessor, as well as the entire Linux ecosystem. No pressure.
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