CentOS Linux 7 (1611) released for x86_64 computers

Mr Karanbir Singh of CentOS project has announced release of CentOS Linux 7 (16.11) for x86_64 bit computers. This release of CentOS 7, tagged with the version number 1611 is derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3.

This release of CentOS includes all updates from upstream project till November 2016. Updates released on later stages are available in repositories and can be updated after installing the base release. This update process in highly recommended by the project as it includes some bug fixes. This can be done using yum update command.
As with all CentOS Linux 7 components, this release was built from sources hosted at git.centos.org. In addition, SRPMs that are a byproduct of the build (and also considered critical in the code and buildsys process) are being published to match every binary RPM we release. Sources will be available from vault.centos.org in their own dedicated directories to match the corresponding binary RPMs. Since there is far less traffic to the CentOS source RPMs compared with the binary RPMs, we are not putting this content on the main mirror network. If users wish to mirror this content they can do so using the reposync command available in the yum-utils package. All CentOS source RPMs are signed with the same key used to sign their binary counterparts. Developers and end users looking at inspecting and contributing patches to the CentOS Linux distro will find the code hosted at git.centos.org far simpler to work against.
For more details, see release announcement in CentOS announcement mailing list.

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