Canonical announces Kubernetes 1.5.1 for Ubuntu

On 16th December 2016, Canonical has announced availability of Kubernetes 1.5.1 for Ubuntu. Kubernetes is an open source system for automatic scaling, deployment and operations of different applications. Currently announced release includes several new features and bug fixes. You can see more on this release in an official announcement.

Canonical is shipping a pure vanilla version of Kubernetes and it is designed in such a way that, it can be easily deployed to public clouds, on-premise, bare metal, and developer laptops.

CREDIT : Ubuntu Insights
Following are some notable highlights of announcement made by Canonical regarding the availability of Kubernetes.
  • Full support for Kubernetes v1.5.1.
  • The charms now support the Container Network Interface (CNI).
    • The changes to the flannel integration are incompatible with the old method, as a result you must redeploy your cluster to get the latest release.
    • Flannel is now CNI only. The SDN plugin interface has been removed.
    • CNI support will allow us to support other CNI based Software Defined Network (SDN) applications, such as Calico and Weave.
  • In order to provide a more pure upstream Kubernetes experience, and support the wide range of amazing integration work being done by the community, the Elastic Stack is no longer included by default. Deploying and integrating with the Elastic Stack is still supported and is provided as a post deployment option.
  • Added debug actions to the kubernetes-master and kubernetes-worker charms. See the debugging section below.
For information and a detailed list of bugs fixes in Kubernetes 1.5.1, see official announcement published in Ubuntu Insights.

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