Budgie Desktop is getting it's own website

Today (24th December 2016), the Solus Project has shared a tweet hinting the launch a new website for Budgie Desktop - a traditional looking, modern desktop environment built from scratch. A trial version of the website is already available at budgie-desktop.org.

A preview of budgie desktop trial website
Initially Budgie Desktop was made for Solus, an independent operating system that delivers optimized performance for desktop computers and laptops. Though the budgie was exclusively developed for Solus, it was also available for other major GNU/Linux distributions like Arch, Manjaro, Fedora, openSUSE and Ubuntu. Also there are some distributions that deliver budgie desktop as default desktop environment. These distributions includes Manjaro Budgie Edition, Ubuntu Budgie (Formerly budgie-remix) ..etc.
Later, Solus project owner Ikey Doherty announced his plan to develop budgie desktop as separate project and to develop each component of budgie desktop as separate micro projects. This modular approach will help the project to deliver a system independent desktop experience and in user point view, they can use budgie desktop components in other desktop environments. The first release based on this plan is expected to be budgie desktop 11.0. It will be written in C instead of Vala, which is used for current versions of budgie desktop. It will help to provide better performance and to get more control over the code that is being written.

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