Best GNOME distributions in 2016

When the year 2016 is about to finish, dedoimedo has created a list of best GNOME distributions in 2016 and has published a comparative article in ocsmag portal.

When GNOME 3 was introduced almost 6 years back, there were a lot of criticisms against it. Most of them were raising the concerns on changing from a well established experience of GNOME 2.x and it was the prime reason for emerging desktop environments like Cinnamon and MATE desktop. Over the years, GNOME 3.x has grown a lot and has captivated the mind of reluctant PC/Laptop users who were not finding GNOME 3.x user friendly in it's early days.

The list of best gnome distribution prepared by dedoimedo lists in Apricity OS 12.2015, Fedora 24, Fedora 25, Ubuntu GNOME 15.10, Korora 23, CentOS 7.2, Zorin OS 12, Chapeau 24 and after comparing different aspects reaches in a conclusion that, Fedora 24 is able to deliver best GNOME experience among all these distributions. Though there are many interesting features in other distributions which can not be ignored so easily.
I do think the Gnome side of things is fairly interesting if heavily skewed in Fedora’s favor, so to speak. But this does make a lot of sense because both Ubuntu and Mint use their own presentation layer, and even though Gnome is present under the hood, Unity and Cinnamon are separate entities. Which leaves us with a lot of Fedora effort in this game.

But that does make the annual contest extra spicy. You have Fedora – and all its spins, and we can see that the results are not quite as predictable as one would expect. We must also take into account CentOS, which does the Gnome thing on its own, and let us not forget Zorin, a lone pure Gnome warrior still true to its creed.
Read complete article in OCSMag portal.

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