The Mythbuntu community retires after 9 years

The Mythbuntu community has announced their retirement as an official community flavor of Ubuntu. This decision is made by the community due to lack of active resources to maintain the distribution. Initially, when the project was started, there were 10 active contributers which has fallen to two developers.

Mythbuntu was an official community flavor of Ubuntu since release of Ubuntu 7.10 in late 2007. The main purpose of this flavor was easy configuration of a standalone MythTV based Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system. It was able to work as an independent system as well as to integrate with existing MythTV network.

The retirement announcement made by Mythbuntu community can be read as:
What is happening? Mythbuntu as a separate distribution will cease to exist. We will take the necessary steps to pull Mythbuntu specific packages from the repositories (17.04 and later) unless someone steps up to take these packages over. MythTV packages in the official repositories and the Mythbuntu PPA will continue to be available and updated at their current rate.

Why is this happening? Mythbuntu is a necessary distribution for easing some of the setup of MythTV, however through attrition we have dwidled from a team of ten down to two developers doing all of the work. Although we have automated as much as we can, the effort to both fix issues that pop up from underlying changes and release an ISO is more than the team can support in our free time.
The retirement announcement made on google sites platform also express their gratitude for all contributors who supported the project over the years.

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