Microsoft SQL Server public preview is available for Ubuntu

Mircosoft has announced availability of a public preview for upcoming Microsoft SQL Server which enables developers and enterprises to build intelligent, scalable and highly available applications in their preferred language. The biggest specialty of this release is it's availability of Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux platforms. This is the first time Microsoft announcing SQL Server capable of running on GNU/Linux platforms and it is highlighted as a part of Microsoft loves Linux program.

Newly released SQL Server public preview enables developers to build their application on Windows, GNU/Linux, Docker, OS X and to deploy it on Windows, Linux, Docker or even on cloud. With this release, Microsoft has published native RPM packages for Red Hat family operating systems, apt compatible packages for Ubuntu family. Soon, Microsoft is planning to publish packages for SUSE family.

CREDIT : Ubuntu Insights
"Today, we have released updated versions of our flagship SQL Server tools including SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), Visual Studio SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) and SQL Server PowerShell with support for the next release of SQL Server on Windows and Linux. We are also excited to announce the new SQL Server extension for Visual Studio Code that is available now on the Visual Studio Code marketplace. Developers can use the SQL Server extension for VS Code on macOS/Linux/Windows with SQL Server running anywhere (on-premises, on Linux and Windows, in any cloud, in virtual machines, Docker, SQL Server 2016 or the next release of SQL Server preview) and with Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL DW. Native command-line tools are also available for SQL Server on Linux" - Says official release announcement for Microsoft SQL Server public preview.

In a separate news, Ubuntu has also announced availability of Microsoft SQL Server for Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux platforms. "SQL Server on Ubuntu now provides freedom of choice for developers and organisations alike whether you use on premises or in the cloud. SQL Server enables choice of development languages and data types delivering one of the most innovative and flexible platforms to the market. With the next version of SQL Server, Microsoft brings the power of SQL Server on Linux and Windows including support for Docker containers. Moreover, with SQL Server on Ubuntu, there are significant cost savings, performance improvements, and the ability to scale & deploy additional storage and compute resources easier without adding more hardware." - Says news article published on Ubuntu insights.

Also, Microsoft has published guide lines to install SQL Server on different platforms like Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Docker container on windows, linux and OS X.

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