Manjaro 16.10 LXQt edition released with LXQt 0.11

Mr Bernhard Landauer of Manjaro LXQt community has announced release of Manjaro 16.10 LXQt edition, latest stable snapshot of rolling GNU/Linux distribution featuring lightweight, modern and efficient LXQt desktop.

Manjaro LXQt 16.10 features recently released LXQt 0.11 which brings improved user experience by fixing various bugs reported in previous releases. Over this LXQt desktop, Manjaro community has done reasonable amount of customizations to make it more usable and appealing for end users.

CREDIT : Manjaro LXQt community
Being a Manjaro based distribution, Manjaro LXQt edition integrates core packages maintained by Manjaro team with community maintained LXQt packages. Current release of LXQt edition includes only essential software packages so that, users can install their choice of packages.

The 32 bit installation image of Manjaro LXQt 16.10 is around 750 MB in size. While, the 64 bit image includes non-free driver packages and it has more than 1 GB size.

Some of the packages shipped with this snapshot includes:
  • kernel 4.8.5-2
  • sddm and sddm-config-editor (git)
  • firefox 49, hexchat, transmission-qt
  • lxterminal, juffed
  • chroot (with nvme support), gparted, octopi, xsensors, lxtask
  • mpv, alsa + qasmixer (32) or pulseaudio + pavucontrol-qt (64), smplayer(64)
  • kcalc, plank, qlipper (git), xarchiver, qpdfview
  • infinality smoothing
  • yaourt and base-devel, git
You may also read release announcement published in Manjaro blog and forums.

Download Manjaro 16.10 LXQt edition
64 BIT | 32 BIT

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