Finally budgie-remix becomes Ubuntu Budgie

Finally, the Ubuntu Technical Board has accepted budgie-remix as an official community flavor of Ubuntu. Hereafter the distribution will be known by the name Ubuntu Budgie. It would be a coincidence that, budgie-remix is accepted as official flavor after ceasing same status for Mythbuntu and Edubuntu, which gives a strong message that, good players will be in and others will have to leave.

Ubuntu Budgie (formerly budgie-remix) is an Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution featuring lightweight, efficient, user friendly budgie desktop developed by Solus Project. On top of official budgie desktop, this release do a reasonable amount of customization to make it more usable, and ships selective applications to provide a straight forward experience to the end users.

The budgie-remix project was started prior to release of Ubuntu 16.04, and the team had released multiple development releases prior to 16.04 and had released 16.04 almost in sync with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS release and later the project has also released 16.04.1. At that time, most of the budgie-remix packages were not available in upstream repositories, so the project maintains a Personal Package Archive(PPA) to deliver budgie-remix packages. Over the time, the project members, especially David Muhammed, the team lead had submitted all the packages to upstream repository and most of the packages were accepted prior to release of budgie-remix 16.10. budgie-remix 16.10, released on 16th October 2016, was the first release of project that completely followed Ubuntu release cycle and soon after the release, all packages were accepted in upstream(either Debian or Ubuntu) repositories.

The official status for budgie-remix was taken into discussion during Ubuntu Technical Board meeting organized on 08th November 2016, and it has won 4 votes against 0. During the meeting, several names were suggested for the distribution such as, Bubuntu, Ubungie, Budgbuntu ..etc. However, the budgie-remix community was in favor of Ubuntu Budgie as it is making more sense.

Hopefully, the Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 is going to be an official release. "There is still lots of things to be done to successfully reach 17.04 Ubuntu Budgie release.  This is an opportunity for everyone to take an active part.  Changing from budgie-remix to Ubuntu Budgie is a massive job – software changes, packaging updates, merging updates upstream, testing the results." - Says official announcement published in budgie-remix website.

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