Comparing Ubuntu 16.10 flavors : Ubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Kubuntu and Xubuntu

It is always interesting to see comparison between different operating systems. To cherish this interest, hecticgeek portal has published a comparison of different Ubuntu flavors, Ubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Kubuntu and Xubuntu. This comparison mainly looks over performance, stability and hardware recognition of each flavor. The user is not focusing other aspects like new features, software availability, ..etc as it more likely to find in usual reviews.

Summarizing different factors considered during comparison, all flavors are taking almost comparable time to complete boot process. In terms of memory usage while loading desktop, Kubuntu is outperforming other flavors, even the s called lightweight desktop environment, Xfce. While Ubuntu is slightly doing better considering power usage at idle state.
CREDIT : hecticgeek
Except for Xubuntu 16.10, I also made sure not to make any tweaks or changes to the each operating system yet again to preserve the accuracy of the data (Boot-Up Times, Memory Usage, Power Usage, System Responsiveness and Shutdown Delay mainly), except that for measuring the memory usage I added a shortcut for System Monitor (of each desktop environment) to the taskbar, so that I can avoid opening it through the System Menu which could’ve otherwise increased the memory usage thus negatively effecting the accuracy of the memory usage reading. Whenever possible, I also made sure to disable the update manager from searching for updates for the same reason I just explained. And, except under the Power Usage and System Responsiveness tests, I took 5 samples of all the other tests for coming up with the average values as well.
You can read complete comparative review in hecticgeek portal.

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